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At twenty-two, Bailey Flynn learned a hard lesson: that no good thing on Earth is meant to last. If it was, she would still be releasing new country music and enjoying life in the peaceful Pennsylvania countryside. But she hasn’t picked up her beloved guitar in years, and what remains of her home lives only in her memories.


Now, at twenty-eight, Bailey returns to her rural hometown of Oak Plains to find that everyone has been waiting with bated breath to hear her sing again. There’s even an open slot at the town’s annual summer concert waiting for her to fill it. Her first instinct is to decline—after all, the worst day of her life coincided with the day of the last summer concert.


It isn’t until she sees a familiar face from high school that she begins to let hope—and music—into her heart again. Dustin Cooper is one of the few people who understands what she’s been through, and he shows nothing but patience and compassion toward her. But it doesn’t take long for Bailey to realize that Dustin doesn’t come without scars of his own. Only she can discern whether he’s the fresh start she needs…or a bitter reminder of the past she’s worked so hard to forget.



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After losing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the New York fashion scene, Nora Evans left home and its disappointments behind without a second glance. Her new life, a peaceful existence on an Iowa dairy farm with her husband and two children, is worlds away from everything she's ever known. But when an old high school friend turns up in her one-horse town after fifteen years, she presents Nora with a second chance to live out the dream she left behind.


With the past at her heels, Nora must grapple with a haunting question: is the life she built for herself a model of personal success, or is it nothing more than a cover-up for the life she was truly meant to live?


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