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My Favorite Romance Tropes

There's a certain type of comfort in returning to the stories we know and enjoy. It's like comfort food—you know you're going to feel satisfied after indulging in a creamy bowl of mac and cheese, just like you expect a well-written HEA to lift your spirits.

Tropes are the lifeblood of romance books. Whether you're drawn to the banter of enemies-to-lovers stories or the hope of second chance romance, there's probably a specific trope you've come to know and love. As a romance reader and author, I've read my fair share of tropes over the years. Here are three of my personal favorites.

1. Small-Town Romance

Small-town romance is by far my favorite trope—so much so that I wrote my own romance novel featuring this trope! After the Music is set in Oak Plains, a charming, picturesque fictional town in the heart of the Pennsylvania countryside. The close-knit community and breathtaking landscape create the perfect backdrop for Bailey and Dustin's budding relationship. Because in my opinion, there's nothing more romantic than falling in love in a small town.

2. Friends-to-Lovers

Friends-to-lovers is a close second after small-town romance. I just love the idea of the couple having a history before the start of their relationship. They get each other on a level that people without a past friendship often can't achieve. I also think these stories have some of the most satisfying build-ups. Throughout the book, there's so much pining and second-guessing, but it all pays off at the end when they finally get together.

3. Second Chance Romance

There's really nothing more heartwarming than a character thinking they're out of luck in love...only to find out they were wrong. Whether the MC is recently divorced or has suffered one breakup too many, they're usually down in the dumps until the right person comes along. Even if they're skeptical at first, the love interest always ends up changing their mind. There are too many good second-chance romance books to name, but I honestly can't get enough of this trope!

What are your thoughts?

Now I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite romance tropes? I'd love to hear your recommendations if you have any!

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