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Book Reviews That Warmed My Heart

As an indie author, it makes my day when a reader takes the time to leave a thoughtful review on my book. I really do read every single review I receive on Amazon or Goodreads, and I appreciate the time a reader takes to share their thoughts. Reviews aren't just for authors, after all—they also help get books in front of the readers who need them most.

To show my appreciation for book reviewers, here are some of the best reviews I've received for After the Music, my latest romance release.

"Had me up late into the night"

“After the Music is a wonderfully sweet and romantic book. Bailey has a budding music career that she abruptly abandons after a family tragedy. The reader is taken on an emotional journey as Bailey tries to reconcile the past and rediscover her music, all while being wooed by a charming high school friend. The characters are well developed and the story is very engrossing. It had me up late into the night! It’s a great read — I highly recommend it!”


"Easy to relate to"

“This was such a heartwarming story of second chances in love and life. Bailey’s story teaches us that it’s never too late to face our demons and overcome them.

After taking a 6-year break from singing/performing due to a traumatic incident, being back in her small hometown sort of forces Bailey to finally heal. All while giving her the courage to also finally give Dustin a real chance.

I loved seeing Bailey and Dustin’s relationship evolve as the story progressed and I really enjoyed seeing all the interactions between Bailey and her sisters and nieces. The banter was at times comical, realistic, and very easy to relate to.

Overall, this was a sweet story that I definitely recommend especially if you love clean small town romances.”


"Very impressed with her writing"

“Former country singer Bailey Flynn returns home to the small town that raised her and bore witness to the moment that ended her music career. After six years, Bailey is still haunted by that horrible day at the town’s music festival. In town, in addition to getting to spend time with her sister and nieces, she reconnects with Dustin with whom she went to high school. As the two grow closer Bailey finds the courage to pick up her guitar again, but a misunderstanding and a failed music single become something she must overcome.

Elena is a new to me author and I was very impressed with her writing. The story flowed easily and kept me engaged. The book is single POV from Bailey’s perspective and honestly is more of a women’s fiction novel than it is a romance, because the story is more about Bailey’s journey than Bailey and Dustin’s relationship, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I found Bailey to be an interesting and multi-faceted lead and I was genuinely rooting for her the whole time. I am excited to see what Elena writes next.”


"An emotional journey that I didn't want to end"

“With interesting characters and great descriptions, Elena Goudelias is able to bring a story to life in ‘After the Music.’ You can feel the emotions of the character leap off of the page from pain, to love and loss and the settings are so well done that it is as though you are there with the characters which is something that I love.

An emotional journey that I didn't want to end, I highly recommend this book.”


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